SPS is run by a fantastic team of undergraduate students in collaboration with our faculty advisor in the Department of Physics & Astronomy. Scroll down to find out more about our leadership team!

Our officers: 


Jeff Leiberton

Year: 3rd 
Majors: Physics, Astronomy, & Mathematics
Fun facts: I hold the 3rd place record for Minecraft speedrunning, I play 5 instruments, and I'm really good at lying. 
Favorite SPS event: Observing Nights!


Vice President

Susanne Byrd

Susanne with a chicken
Year: 4th 
Major: Physics, Astronomy, & Mathematics minor
Fun facts: I have a pet chicken (see above), I am great at making PowerPoints, and Jeff is lying
Favorite SPS event: Undergrad colloquia


Zachary Piker

Zachary in front of a chalkboard with math
Year: 2nd
Major: Physics and Mathematics
Fun Facts: Roger Penrose is one of my biggest inspirations in his ideas of a Quantum Theory of Consciousness
Favorite SPS Event: I really enjoy the observing nights



Outreach Coordinator

Mary Haag

Portrait of Mary in a grass field
Year: 2nd
Majors: Physics & Astronomy
Fun facts:  I marched in the Rose Bowl with my high school band
Favorite SPS event: Observing Nights 

Outreach Coordinator

Colin Lahvic

Colin at a football game wearing a Hawkeye Darth Vader helmet
Year: 2nd
Major: Physics, Astronomy & Mathematics
Fun facts: I got the right stuff award at space camp 
Favorite SPS event: Faculty Dinners


Thomas Bruner

thomas bruner
Year: 3rd
Major: Physics & Philosophy
Fun facts: I have a pet ball python name Prometheus. We spend hours together gardening, collecting agates, and discussing complex political issues. 
Favorite SPS event: Weekly Homework Help!

Faculty Advisor

Jasper Halekas

Prof. Halekas's headshot
Fun Facts: I run ~3000 miles (or ~5000 km if you prefer SI) per year, my favorite equations are Maxwell's Equations, and I once estimated that I have read on the order of a million pages worth of sci-fi/fantasy books.
Personal Website: here


Andrew Milne

Andrew looking snazzy
Year: 3rd
Majors: Physics & Astronomy
Fun facts: I am also Vice President of the University's model rocket club, AIAA
Favorite SPS event: Observing Nights